Moon Ritual & Yoga Class

New Moon (Aug 18)

Virtual Studio

12:30pm eDt | 11:30Am cdt | 10:30am mdt | 9:30am pDt 
5:30pm bst

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Shift from Scarcity to Abundance

3 Days to Ground Yourself Challenge


June 10, 11, 12

3 Days of...

↠ Informative and inspiring challenge topics

↠ Nurturing your Root Chakra needs and desires

↠ Live support from your host, Whitney

  • Day 1: What is the Root Chakra?

+ Live Meditation: Root Chakra Visualization

  • Day 2: What does my Root Chakra need?

+ Live Workshop: "Make Your Own Mantra"

  • Day 3: Take Steps to Balance the Root Chakra

+ Live Chat: 5 Ways to Balance Your Root Chakra

If you're seeking to balance your energy, develop a deeper connection to the earth, overcome not-enough-ness...

Then, the 3 Days to Ground Yourself Challenge is for you.

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    Private Sessions





    +deep-dive questionnaire
    +personalized yoga sequences 

    +1 hour recorded distance class

    +commitment and accountability

    +continued support via email or chat

    Private Yoga Instruction

    single session ($60)

    3 pack ($145)

    5 pack ($200)

    Personalized, private yoga class delivered over video meeting. 

    Choose from a variety of styles:
    + Vinyasa Flow
    + Ashtanga Basics
    + Restorative
    + Lunar Yoga
    + Nidra



    What's included?

    What's Included?


    Private Meditation Sessions

    Personalized guided meditation sessions with mindfulness and manifestation coaching. 

    Choose from a variety of techniques:
    +guided visualization
    +mindfulness practices
    +moon meditations
    +relaxation techniques

    single session $30

    3 pack ($75)

    5 pack ($100)


    +deep-dive questionnaire

    + 30 minute recorded distance meeting

    +personalized guided meditations

    +mindfulness or manifestation coaching

    +commitment and accountability

    +continued support via email or chat

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    This manifestation meditation was JUST what I needed tonight.

    I've been struggling with aligning with my goals and distinguishing the difference between my hobbies and my passion, and this meditation allowed me to receive the truth that was hiding deep within. 

    You’ve truly got an art in this field and it’s an honor to know you and be able to practice with you.

    Sierra, 2020

    I've taken yoga classes with Whitney several times now. She is a great teacher. For a beginner like me, she was patient and understanding of my level of experience and explained each posture thoroughly.

    She made it challenging enough for me to feel like I was really pushing myself, but easy enough to not feel defeated and frustrated. On top of that, her classes are very positive and calming -- something I look for in a yoga class.

    I would highly recommend taking a class with Whitney no matter your experience level as you are sure to enjoy it.

    Client Review, 2015

    Whitney is a fantastic yoga professional, as she is personable and empathetic. She is well worth hiring as a knowledgeable and intuitive and caring professional. She embodies what it is to be a great yoga teacher.

    Client Review, 2015