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You know me, but if you don't check out my about page. I'm pleased to announce that I am now offering distance energy healing sessions.

My practice is influenced by the chakra system and based in the reiki tradition of Mikao Usui. All sessions are 100% online. Option: Live or Prerecorded

 She explains the session and goes into detail about what she got out of our time together. It WILL touch your heart. *teary smile* 


See what              had to say about trying distance healing with me.

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I'm Whitney


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    Healing Meditations

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    Simple guided affirmations to connect with the Reiki Ideals of non-anger, non-worry, gratitude, honesty, and kindness. As a certified Reiki healer, I have infused these affirmations with Reiki healing energy. The energy is programmed to be delivered upon listening and repeating the affirmations. Enjoy!

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    This is a pure awareness meditation with no guidance whatsoever. I will play my Tibetan Singing Bowl for you to relax and enjoy the sound healing benefits of the tones. This particular bowl is tuned to the Heart Chakra, so rest in a heart-opening position and enjoy ten minutes of uninterrupted vibration.

    Reiki Resources

    Reiki Ideals Affirmations

    singing bowl

    45-60 minutes

    Distance healing delivered via guided meditation and personalized healing session (live)

    Sliding scale pricing

    Distance Healing

    Upon choosing the live distance healing session and fill out the intake survey, we will schedule a time to meet. You will do the healing on your own at first, then I will meet you on Zoom to process.

    The guided meditation is yours to keep as it will be infused with the reiki energy. Any time you listen to the meditation again in the future, you will be receiving the reiki healing. 

    What's Included?

    What's Included?

    25-30 minutes

    Distance healing delivered via personalized guided meditation and healing session (prerecorded)

    Sliding scale pricing

    Reiki Recordings

    Upon choosing the remote reiki recording and filling out the intake survey, I will customize a guided meditation for your exact needs.

    Reiki energy is programmed into the recording through a series of ancient symbols and affirmations. so that every time you listen to it, you are also receiving reiki. 





    - Laura A. (2021)




    "Whitney brought me to a place of peace and helped my entire body to fully relax, and brought my mind and soul back to its center. 

    In the following days, I had noticeably more energy, clarity, and an overall feeling of peace. The timing for our session couldn’t have been better, and ..." 

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    What Happens in a Distance Reiki Session: Testimonial

    Energetic Cleanse

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    When I say that is was SO restorative and relaxing, I am not kidding. It felt like... taking a power nap, only more reflective.

    Whitney’s passion and warmth can be felt from the very first second, and I always felt as though I was in loving, trustworthy hands.


    If you're really thinking about doing reiki, please go with Whitney because she will understand you in ways that you don't even understand yourself. 


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