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Client Review, 2015

Orlando, 2014

"Really nice. Good music and presentation. Thank you." - Ivan

"Thank you for this wonderful meditation, a gift for sure! Sending Gratitude and blessings to you 🙏🙏" - Yvonne

"Excellent! A daily must listen!" - Stefanie

"Thank you, really liked the repetition of affirmations 😊 also the ending was brilliant, pauses after each affirmation really let them vibe through whole body and sink deep into consciousness 💞 wishing you well... P. S. You have such a gentle voice 😍 - Ola

"Now I feel ready to tackle my day!" - Beth

"My 7 yo daughter says, 'it was the most wonderful meditation I’ve ever heard in my life so far! It helped me find the steps of how to get to sleep- how to quiet my monkey mind. It was so very wonderful. Thank you very much for it.’ - Jaime

Peaceful and such a calming voice. I love the law of attraction and manifesting so will come back to this one often. -Sonia R.

"I absolutely love this meditation. I feel empowered and excited for my day ahead. Thank you! Namaste!" - Carlene

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4.7 rating

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4.8 rating

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4.8 rating

I've taken yoga classes with Whitney several times now. She is a great teacher. For a beginner like me, she was patient and understanding of my level of experience and explained each posture thoroughly.

She made it challenging enough for me to feel like I was really pushing myself, but easy enough to not feel defeated and frustrated. On top of that, her classes are very positive and calming -- something I look for in a yoga class.

I would highly recommend taking a class with Whitney no matter your experience level as you are sure to enjoy it.


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This manifestation meditation was JUST what I needed tonight.

I've been struggling with aligning with my goals and distinguishing the difference between my hobbies and my passion, and this meditation allowed me to receive the truth that was hiding deep within. 

You’ve truly got an art in this field and it’s an honor to know you and be able to practice with you.

Sierra, 2020

So relaxing. Although, slow yoga is not my favorite (I prefer flows, and energetic practices), I found it very useful and something that I should probably use more in my practice. I will use this kind of yoga when I feel out of balance or very sad.

I had this feeling that I was hugged during the practice, and once we finished I felt loved again. Thank you!

Sonia, 2020 ~ Digital Yoga Class

This sleep meditation was just what I needed. You have a lovely clear voice and the pace was perfect. I think that I fell asleep just before the end but I’ll definitely be listening to it again. I didn’t think that 9 minutes would be long enough but it worked for me. Thank you.

Denise, 2020
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