You just established this amazing yoga practice and you are fully committed. Your schedule has been packed with yoga classes multiple days a week but you know a vacation is around the corner and you are worried you might lose your progress. Maybe you would like to enhance your trip with a bit of yoga. […]

May 12, 2019

9 Tips to Maintain Yoga Practice while Traveling

Tips for visiting a Temple in SE Asia I visited my first temple in 2017. Before that, I had never visited a temple or pagoda per se. As an American, I learned quickly there are a lot of foreign habits that are completely off our radar. We can disrespect the culture without even realizing it. […]

May 8, 2019

Courteous and Kind in Southeast Asia

Seeing an elephant is a unique cultural experience in Thailand. Finding and planning an ethical elephant experience is critical for planning your adventure. Trust me on this. While respecting the culture and worldviews, I believe we can agree that interacting with wildlife is ethically questionable to begin with, so it’s really important to TRUST the […]

May 5, 2019

Ethical Elephant Experience in Thailand

This is what I learned… When I first moved to southern Vietnam, I planned to rent a motorbike as my main form of transportation. Motorbikes are a way of life in Vietnam. It is in Thailand too, but when I lived in Thailand, I drove an ugly second-hand bike prone to mechanical issues. I was […]

April 30, 2019

I Rented a Vintage Bike in Saigon

Take a forty-five minute plane ride north of Ho Chi Minh City, and you’ll find yourself in the Land of Eternal Spring, otherwise known as Da Lat, Vietnam. My partner and I visited the area early April, supposedly a peak time for the area, but it doesn’t matter what time of year you go. The […]

April 28, 2019

Da Lat Travel Guide